Our Story

Childhood Asthma

I grew up vegetarian. Away from home in college I decided to eat meat and found my childhood asthma returning. That’s when it became clear to me that what I ate would affect my health.

That’s when I began my journey to….

Eat To Live

It started over 40 years ago with my love for getting in the kitchen and creating different vegan meals, sauces, dressings and desserts. Then sharing these meals from my home to family and friends, which began to grow to their friends. This served as a catalyst for the homestyle vegan Soul Food options we serve on our menu today!


What People are Saying

“Tops the Charts!”

My parents brought myself, wife and kids here for my birthday.. It was delicious! I had the soul food plate and man-o-man it was so good!


“Will definitely be back”

“My experience was amazing. The staff was super friendly! Everyone greeted me with a smile. The food was delicious! I will definitely be back at Vegelicious.”


Dream Come True

The owner has gone the extra to prepare some dishes with straight veggies verses pasta for me…Vegelicious is a one stop vegan/vegetarian dream come true restaurant


“An Amazing Treat”

We were greeted like honored guests and treated like family! The soul food was pure comfort. The not BLT was mouthwatering goodness!